About Me – My Story

hcg diet

Tent dresses don’t really cover up the fat, do they?

My name is Sara McGoodwin. I am a recovering Fatso.

As of May 3, 2012 I have lost 122 pounds. Actually, I prefer to say I’ve “released” them as I can assure you, I won’t be looking for my lost pounds!

I am very near my final goal. In fact, today is my last day on the HCG Diet protocol. Tomorrow I begin the Very Important Maintenance Phase of my Weight loss Adventure.

My journey began in earnest sometime in 2006. I may not have had a specific triggering moment but I do remember leaning over my fat belly and stifling the grunts as I put on my shoes. Oh. My. Gawd! How did I get this fat?

Since puberty, I’ve always been “well-made” as my British Mum-in-Law would call it. Nice words for being chunky, heavy, big-boned, substantial, womanly, plus sized, voluptuous or just plain FAT. When my female hormones kicked in, my once relatively lean frame ballooned out with hips, thighs and (Hallelujah!) BREASTS!

I was adopted as an infant, so the assumption was that my “thunder thighs” were merely a hereditary “gift” from my mysterious genetic contributors. (It didn’t occur to anyone back-in-the-day to question the vast amounts of sugar and refined white foods I consumed with gusto each and every day!) Everyone has their own genetic makeup and you just have to learn to live with it, right?

Sara at 135

Could this really be ME?

WRONG! Fast forward to June of 2011. Although I had managed to lose a total of 50 pounds adhering to various diet protocols such as the Small Bowl Diet, Master Cleanse and good old “healthy eating and exercise”, I had been unable to get an ounce under 205 for almost three years. Enter the HCG Diet.

I discovered it quite by accident. I ran into a friend whom I had not seen in a long time who had lost a lot of weight. “Homeopathic HCG drops, ” she said. Never heard of it. Hmmm…

I was on the brink of accepting the “fact” that I was just destined to be a “big girl”. More to Love, right? [sigh]

I decided to give it One More Shot before giving up with the notion of weight loss and just getting on with my life. Enough is Enough. I was SO tired of torturing myself over food.

Well, long story short. It worked. Man, did it ever WORK!

Now as I complete my third and final “round” of HCG drops I am eager to enter into the Maintenance and Lifetime Phases of my program. I have been madly developing and collecting recipes, ideas and tips for all Phases of this diet and the others that have helped me along my way.

This blog will serve as a record for the cooking experiments, food successes (and failures), recipe tests, research and insights I discover as I learn the lessons of how to maintain my new body and thrive following my new healthy lifestyle. It will also serve as the basis for my “More To Love Cookbook“!

Please join me as I continue my adventure as a “petite” and “svelte” slim person. Listen, if I could do this? So can YOU. Seriously.